Monday, June 6, 2011

Business Anywhere June 6, 2011

Business Anywhere

An example of the power of Business Anywhere: We recently had a client who had an executive traveling abroad to Brazil. The question, how can the business executive remain in contact with his business and clients while out of the country and at a controllable cost? He did it for no cost.

The Answer, Business Anywhere. The client leverages a hosted PBX and utilizes a Softphone. For those of you who aren’t familiar with a Softphone, it is an application that is a two-line SIP phone that runs virtually on any device: Laptop, PC, Tablet (iPad or Droid) and many Smart phones. The beauty of the softphone is that your corporate number (direct inward dial or DID) number is with you wherever you go. You can make and receive calls on any of your devices but utilize your corporate VoIP hosted PBX.

SO our client while in Brazil, from his laptop and his Droid Smartphone was able to make calls back to the United States utilizing data and Internet and did not use cell minutes or pay International rates. He could even 4 digit dial associates in his office as if he were sitting literally right down the hall.

This is an example of how Business Anywhere can enhance how you do business and streamline communication between you, your clients, your vendors and your company all while minimizing or eliminating the cost of doing business.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

“Business Anywhere”

We are clearly in a new age of communication. The fact that we have a pulse on our family, friends and associates every move in the social media and they intentionally put it there is amazing. The technology at our disposal is practically limitless. Let's explore ways to utilize that type of information and communication to enhance our businesses. This blog is about “Business Anywhere.”

We hope to intrigue and educate on the power of Business Anywhere. The fact that you can now, from almost anywhere, on almost any device completely and fully communicate, compute and work, as if you were in the traditional brick and mortar of your office opens doors of opportunity that are pretty amazing.

We help companies of almost any size utilize mature technologies such as Hosted Voice over IP PBX, Soft Phones, VDI, Hosted Servers, Smart Phones, Tablets, Internet and Data Center Collocation to perform more efficiently from any location that has Internet access and perform work. Whether it be in your office or on the go, learn how to do business anywhere with PeaceCom technologies.

Another component of Business Anywhere is formulation of a Disaster Recovery Strategy and strengthen the longevity of business with a business continuity mind set.

In the coming posts we will discuss and educate on the many different components of “Business Anywhere” and how they can be utilized to make your business more competitive and operate more efficiently as well as cost effectively.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Biz Anywhere

Informative blog about conducting business anywhere and having access to you information at anytime. This our first blog encourages you to visit often and read about the cloud and how is it applied to business for you.